The Future of Completions™

Where Vision Meets Possibility to Become Reality

Pioneering Completions Solutions

Transcending Technical Boundaries

Expanding Digital Connectivity

The Future of Completions™ is how we’re advancing the speed of digital oilfield capabilities to transform the way we work, creating step-change technologies in material science, and paving the way to all-electric completions systems.

In this journey, Halliburton Completion Tools continues to deliver engineered completion solutions and distinctive service quality to help you maximize asset value, every step of the way.

Bringing the Future of Completions™ Solutions to You, Today.


Where will the Future of Completions take you?
Embark on this journey with us.

Mark Dawson, vice president Halliburton Completion Tools, reveals what the Future of Completions means for you.

Digital Ecosystem

From Ideation through Reservoir Management
Transformative. Digital. Autonomous.

eCompletions™ is a digital ecosystem, designed to advance completions, improve service quality, accelerate continuous improvement, and leverage automation to exponentially change how you manage your wells, reservoirs, and assets.

Integral to Halliburton 4.0, our eCompletions ecosystem compromises multiple platforms — business development, operations, manufacturing, technology, and Clariti™ digital reservoir management — interconnected to share data seamlessly and deliver real-time solutions for you.

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Material Science

Open Your Mind to Limitless Opportunities
Transcending boundaries, creating possibilities.

The Future of Completions is applying our knowledge of physics, chemistry, and engineering to realize a new realm of technical possibilities and help you address complex reservoir challenges.

Advancements in material science drive innovative completions solutions by exceeding extreme temperature and pressure boundaries, pushing the limits of alloys and non-metallics, expanding nanotechnology, and progressing computational science.

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Collaborating and engineering solutions is at the heart of every Halliburton solution.

Our technical experts discuss how new materials, distinct compounds, and transformative chemistries are shaping the way to the future.

All-Electric Completions

Empower Your Wells to Become Data Superhighways
Pioneering all-electric completions.

Just as Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse pioneered electricity to the modern world, Halliburton introduces all-electric solutions to completions.

Breakthroughs in sensors and telemetry, advanced monitoring, and downhole neuro-networks will transform wellbores into data superhighways. The Future of Completions will lead to faster, more informed decision making and autonomous control of your assets.

Satellite fields, previously deemed uneconomical to develop, can now be technically accessible and commercially viable, allowing you to maximize asset value, minimize footprint, and reduce HSE risk.

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Decoding the Reservoir

Transform Your Data into Action
Unlocking the code.

Our industry’s most important secrets lie within its greatest asset: the reservoir. Our approach to decoding the reservoir combines innovative sensor, telemetry, and intelligent completion systems with advanced data analytics, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning to deliver subsurface insight in real time.

Halliburton Completion Tools has the global expertise, science, technology, and cryptology to enable you to crack the code and maximize asset value.

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